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Features and Benefits

We partner up with brands with big ideas to accelerate their quest to drive beverage innovation

Product Development & Formulation

  • Hot Fill, HTST, and UHT formula validation
  • Able to expedite new product development
  • ​UHT Direct Beverage Formulation 
  • ​UHT Indirect Beverage Formulation
  • ​HPP Beverage Formulation
  • ​Micro-processing prototyping

Consumer Marketing & Branding

  • Align your business plan with marketing strategies
  • ​Uncover market opportunities
  • ​Define consumer need states and consumption occasions
  • ​Develop brand pillars and define a value proposition
  • ​Design effective consumer touch points
  • ​Establish a GO-TO-MARKET strategy
  • ​Create Brand Equity through proper positioning

Scalable Manufacturing

  • Small/Medium/Large Scale capabilities
  • ​Integrity of premium ingredients
  • ​Aseptic Processing
  • ​Reduces the need for preservatives
  • ​No product refrigeration required
  • ​Aseptic Fiberboard 200/250 ml Low/High Acid (Limited availability)
  • ​PET 8-64 oz Low/High Acid (Limited Availability)
  • ​Aluminum 8-64 oz Low/High Acid (Limited Availability)
  • ​Glass 8-64 oz Low/High Acid (Limited Availability)

Miniature Plant Trial Process Capabilities

  • Miniature Plant Trials - Up to 9 batches per day
  • ​Customized processing
  • ​Mail in Plant Trial - Follow up to a Miniature Plant Trial
  • ​Steam Injection Plant Trial/Custom Processing
  • ​Process Temperatures from 140-250 on heater 1 and 170-350 on Heater 2
  • ​Hold Time Range from 2-180 seconds
  • ​Homogenization Conditions 1 or 2 stage up to 5400 PSI anywhere inline


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